Hahaha! Man kan slå upp sitt namn HÄR!

Joel betyder alltså :

"Refers to a cool, intellectual, popular, well-liked, needed, or otherwise important person. A person that's more important than regular people. Arrised from the word "yo" which resembles the word "joel," used to call important people who have been predefined as a joel.
Person: Hey joel!
Person who is a joel: Hey what's up?"

1. An awesome name for an awesome guy.

2. To be Joel is to be really hot.

(e.g. wow. you are Joel)
alex: Wow that guy is hot!
karina: Oh that's Joel.
alex: oh my goodness.

Joel is an adjective used largely in the Surrey/Hampshire area used to describe a person of God-like qualities or to decribe someone who has just done a God-like act.
To pull a Joel - To stop a lorry thats brakes have been cut

To BE a Joel - To have God-like characteristics in your persona.

Hahahaha! Herrejesus! I think i just might be in love with that website ;D

Postat av: louise

sv: hahaha, jag hade bananer framför mig, så varför inte liksom ? x) hahaha, jag tror du gillar ditt namn eller ? ;d

2010-02-06 @ 14:32:28
Postat av: louise

sv: hahaha., ja tycker du inte ? :D jag behöver inte slå upp det.. jag vet redan att det betyder bäst ^^ :D hehe

2010-02-06 @ 14:45:18
Postat av: monika

är du säker på att du verligen heter Joel? :/ jag får nog snacka med dina föräldrar om ett namnbyte......

2010-02-13 @ 23:38:30

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